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New Screencast of Douglas Engelbart’s Augment System, First System with Hyperlinks, Groupware, Outl

Brad Neuberg: Coding In Paradise:

Super AJAX Programming Seed v.1.0

Super AJAX Programming Seed v.1.0:

AJAX is all the rage these days, and for a good reason. With AJAX, you can create web applications with nearly the same functionality as your desktop programs. Super AJAX Programming Seed is a …

Micro CMS ™ v.3.5 – A Simple, SEO, AJAX-Based Content Management System

Micro CMS – AJAX-Based SEO Content Management System for Static Web Sites:

AJAX Timeouts with Prototype

codejanitor » AJAX Timeouts with Prototype:


AJAX Activity Indicators:


博客园 – YAO.NET℡ – Ajax初体验(一):

script type=“text/javascript“ defer=“defer“>
test.test.onLoading = function(b) {
var l = document.getElementById(“loadinfo“);
l.style.visibility = b ? “visible“ : “hidden“;
function doTest2()
test.test.getData(document.getElementById(“txtInput“).value, doTest2_callback);
function doTest2_callback(res)
var p = res.value;
var layer1

Googlesque Suggest – Default.aspx

Anders Norås’ blog : Googlesque Suggest – Default.aspx:

WordPress Ajax Commenting revisited

WordPress Ajax Commenting revisited:

How to create the Google Suggest feature with ASP.NET 2.0

Anders Norås’ blog : How to create the Google Suggest feature with ASP.NET 2.0:


CFAjax = Coldfusion + AJAX:

What is AJAX?

Asynchronous JavaScript + XML. It’s a whole new way of looking at the web where HTML page makes asynchronous calls to the server using JavaScript and loads the data in bits …