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Monthly Archives: October 2010

English Learn on 4/10/2010 – 5(The Gerund-)



Function of Gerund
1)as the subject of the sentence

    Preserving our cultural heritage is of utmost importance. Likewise, it is most important to hand down our traditional values from generation to generation.

2)after certain verbs

    Mind,enjoy,give up, avoid, …

English Learn on 3/10/2010 – 4(The Infinitive – 4)



Independent infinitive
    To be honest/frank

        “How do you like this condo?” ” To be honest, it leaves a lot to be desired. The price is relatively high. And what’s more, it’s badly located”

    To tell you the truth

        “Do …

English Learn on 2/10/2010 – 3(The Infinitive – 3)



As adverb – Function of  THE INFINITIVE
    1)for purpose

    He worked hard in order to win the prize.

The man in black stopped to light a cigarette, pondered for a second, then turned around and began to trot in …

English Learn on 1/10/2010 – 2(The Infinitive – 2)



As adjective – Function of  THE INFINITIVE
    1)noun + to V
    Apparently, the border incident was intended to coincide with the festival to celebrate the second anniversary of our independence.

    2)first, second, last + noun + to V

    Tiger …