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翻译错误 August 27th, 2020

The query underlying the report can be used by other forms and reports.

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ParamArray August 22nd, 2020

The ParamArray keyword allows you to accept a dynamic number of arguments.
The word ParamArray is an abbreviation for parameter array.
Instead of using a large number of optional parameters it might be better to use a parameter array instead.…

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唯物辩证法wéiwùbiànzhèngfǎ August 17th, 2020


Materialist dialectics; dialectics established by Marx and Engels on the basis of absolute materialism. According to materialist dialectics, the material world has its own dialectic law of motion; everything is in relation with and under the influence of everything …

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IVANKA TRUMP: Think Big Again August 15th, 2020

3年前看到Ivanka Trump的这个演讲,想到能培养出这样优秀的女儿的父亲应当是多么的伟大……现在想来是多么的幼稚。

Good evening. Thank you.One year ago, I introduced my father when he declared his candidacy. In his ownway, and through his own sheer force of will, he sacrificed greatly to enterthe political arena as an outsider.


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The Bang! (Exclamation Operator) in VBA August 2nd, 2020

One of the most peculiar aspects of Visual Basic for Applications in the ! operator, called the “bang”. There’s a lot of confusion about the bang operator, and nowhere have I seen the correct whole story about it. So, I …

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