How to delete all pictures or other objects in Excel easily?

Delete all pictures in active worksheet with Go To command

> My Clever W’s Solution:

Select one object -> Ctrl + A -> Delete!

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Using Go To command can select all pictures in active worksheet. Work goes easy if we can select all pictures before deleting them.

1. Press F5 key to open the Go To dialog box in Excel.

2. Click the Special button, and get into Go To Special dialog box,then check the Object option. See screenshot:

3. And then click OK button, all pictures are selected in active worksheet, press Delete key to delete all of them.


1. This method will select all objects in active worksheet, such as pictures, charts, shapes etc. If you do not want to delete other objects, you have to unselect other objects before pressing the Delete key.

2. This method will only delete pictures in active worksheet.