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The AJAX Engine

The AJAX Engine


Asynchronous Processing: First series
of the samples showing how to handle asynchronous processing on the client and the

AJAX core and web service samples:
These samples show how to use JavaScript, webservices, AJAX actions and all the
features of the AJAX engine.

AJAX web controls:
These samples are using web controls and JavaScript behaviors to
build up AJAX applications and to reduce the amount of code that has to be written
in the pages.

LookUp: A autocomplete web control
that suggest input values

TreeView: trees, tree view, hierachical
data loading on demand

Field validation: validate field
values on the server while filling out the form.

Huge Table: scroll or page through
huge tables.

Bible Reader: A more complex AJAX
application made of AJAX enabled web controls like cascading select boxes and text

Bible Tree View:
A AJAX based Tree View using an English Bible.

Page Connections: see how
to link AJAX web controls together to reflect changed values.

View the source code to see that only a few lines are needed to use AJAX enabled

Visual Effects
: Here you find a collection of visual effects that can be used
as stand-alone effects and together with AJAX functionality.