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8/1/2010 11:00 – 12:30

  1. present
  2. past tense
  3. present continuous
  4. past continuous
  5. future tense
  6. future continuous
    I will be having lunch this afternoon.
    throat irritation – teacher’s occupation’s hazard
  7. present perfect
    I have had
  8. past perfect
    I had been there ten years ago.
  9. future perfect
    I will have had my lunch by 10’oclock.
    I will have migrated to another country.
    I will have settled down in 2 years’s time.
  10. auxilliary verb
    grammer – >grandma
    Are you with me? – Are you understand me?
    brazil braziliansocialise
    I scalded myself.
    I scolded him.
    He prescribed some tablets.
  11. He is a had hat.
    He is the black sheep.
    He burnt his fingers by gamblikng.
    five finger discount.
    I’m broke.
    He is a old hand of.
  12. beef : beef up
    idiomatic English
    bad habitouring spirits down.
    keep your spirits up by pouring spirits down.
    Seol is a sprawling.

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