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As adjective – Function of  THE INFINITIVE
    1)noun + to V
    Apparently, the border incident was intended to coincide with the festival to celebrate the second anniversary of our independence.

    2)first, second, last + noun + to V

    Tiger Woods was the only player to finish under par.

    3)decide to V->decision to V; attempt to V -> attempt to V; able to V -> ability to V

    The weakness of the UN was revealed in yet another futile attempt to work out a peaceful solution to regional warfare.

    4)difference meaning by object

    I have no one to look after me.(我没有人来照顾我)

    I have no one to look after.(我没有人要去照顾)

    I have some urgent business to attend to.(我有一些紧急的事情要去处理)

Negative: to V-> not to V

Try not to worry.

It is important not to expect too much.

He smiled and told me not to worry.

I am careful not to overlook any trivial offense.

He was courageous enough not to exhibit his grief.


Phrasal verb and words:

    Earnest adj

    Overlook v 看漏

    Yield to


    Yet another


    The thing is … 问题是,其实是




    Take great pains to V 努力地做


    Doze off

    Tranquil adj 平静的


    Live to be …(years old)

    Fall ill

    Sth. Runs in sb’s family

    Rescue adj,v

    Curb tax evasin 抵制逃税

    In question 讨论中的人 Please confine your statements to the subject in question

    In sb’s presence/ in the presence of sb

    For next to nothing 几乎是不要钱


    We have both positive and negative traits.

    We sometimes put on a front.我们有时装门面

    Appearance can be very misleading.

    Some people are very shy and reserved.

    Some people are very moody.

    Extrovert – introvert

He is a very thoughtful person.(reflective)深思的

Hardworking – industrious

Dependable – reliable


She is a demanding teacher.性急的

Discipline – disciplinarian

Contended placid(平静的)

Passion passionate about her job

He is full of enthusiasm about her work.


Room for improvement

There is still much room for improvement.

Indifferent 漠不关心,不感兴趣

Incorrigible 无法改正的

Her husband is an incorrigible flirt.

Shortcomings缺点 defect ,failings,weaknesses

She is a paragon of virtue.



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