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如果只用英中词典或者只读词典里面相关的中文释义是个巨大的损失。但要适应使用英文词典,一开始不可避免的会有一个稍微痛苦的适应过程。读词典慢也会影响我们阅读速度。每个学习型词典用来解释的单词范围只有 3000 个,里面很少会有你不认识的生词。你要做的是找一本你喜欢的学习型词典开始上手读起来,有时候即使偶尔碰到那么几个不认识的生词也无关紧要。这里我推荐大家去仔细查词典阅读下单词列表的定义和例句(葛传椝老先生推荐的做法),一个一个读,每天读三个。一段时间以后,你就会适应读英文词典,不再会感到痛苦。

a, about, above, across, act, after, against, all, along, and, any, appear, arrange, as, at, be, back, before, behind, below, between, beyond, break, bring, but, by, can, carry, catch, charge, come, cover, cut, die, do, down, drive, …

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Unlike macros, VBA enables you to do the following:

  • Work with complex logic structures (case statements, loops, and so on)
  • Take advantage of functions and actions not available in macros
  • Loop through and perform actions on recordsets
  • Perform transaction processing