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New Features of ADO.NET 2.0
Asynchronous Operations

ADO.NET 1.1 and earlier required your data access operations to be synchronous. ADO.NET 2.0 includes new methods for the Connection and Command classes that permit you to execute asynchronous operations.

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New Features of ADO.NET 2.0
Batch Updates

Batch support in ADO.NET 2.0 allows a DataAdapter to group insert/update/delete operations from a DataSet or DataTable to the server, instead of sending one operation at a time. The reduction of round trips

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ずっとClub Start KItでDataSet.Xsdの作り方を考えました、今日漸くわかりました、うれしいです。

Visual Studio 2005 Wizards and Designers
Data Source Configuration Wizard
Wizards and Designers

This wizard adds a new XML Schema Definition (.xsd) and supporting files to your project. When you select a data table or stored procedure in the database,

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Data Component Configuration Wizard

This wizard can configure objects that execute insert, update, and delete functionality in the context of the underlying data source. You can use this wizard to specify stored procedures and parameters to insert, update, and delete data in a

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If you wish to allow a domain owner to use Plesk control panel for managing his/her domain, you should create a domain user account in Plesk. When a user is logged in to a domain user account, his/her control panel …